1 / EVENT marketing

We will arrange everything that a perfect event requires. From graphics and promotion, through venue and personnel rental, to decorations, program, and catering. We will propose a concept tailored exactly to your ideas. Because a well organised event will not only strengthen your relationships with business partners or employees but also impress new clients.


Small details make up the whole, that's why organising a conference or congress requires a perfectionist who has everything under control. When it comes to foreign trips, this is even more crucial, as accommodation and leisure activities need to be taken into account, allowing some time for relaxation after work duties.

3 / Teambuildings, FAMILY DAYS

We design and execute experiential corporate events and family days of various kinds, both at home and abroad. We help strengthen your team, ensure a pleasant atmosphere, and provide an attractive program so that everyone can have a good time.

4 / Sports events, Health Days

In the time when a healthy lifestyle has become a trend, we are not left behind either. We are ready to provide you with a pleasant sports experience, where you will not only have fun but also do something for your body and mind. Health Days are also very close to our hearts; almost the entire agency embraces a healthy lifestyle. We can arrange lectures, tastings, physio training, and provide information from the world of fitness and wellness directly at your company. We adhere to the motto: a healthy employee is a good employee.


Every event is unique, but they all require top-quality food and drinks, which is why we take great care in choosing the right catering. Our agency has an in-house catering service. We will propose the most delicious menu that complements the event's level and enhances it as a whole. Because good food, coffee, and drinks are unforgettable.


We have experience with promotional, modeling, and hostessing events, including organizing beauty pageants. Thanks to our own portfolio, we can provide you with beautiful and professional hostesses who will represent with an elegant appearance and proficiency in foreign languages.

7 / Technical Event Support / Rental

All major events require proper technical support. In this case, we offer first-class comprehensive services and can provide everything necessary for a high-quality event. This includes large-capacity tents, stages, lighting, equipment, and complete personnel support.


With our professional team of promoters, we will ensure the complete organisation of promotional events, including logistics, coordination and evaluation. We will increase the sale of your products and services and successfully manage the acquisition of new customers.