Local amateur run along the bank of the Little Danube, which we have been organizing annually since 2013 on the occasion of the Vrakuňa Harvest Festivities.


Prestigious hairdressing competition for vocational schools, where approximately 100 students compete for the 'Hairdressing Oscar' annually. It provides an opportunity for both aspiring and experienced hairstylists and brings together people with the same passion.


A sports and charity event that we have been organising since 2019. In collaboration with the NGO Appa, we provide assistance to those in need. The run is divided into several categories, and even the youngest participants can join. For non-athletes, there is a rich accompanying and entertaining program.


A sports and social project for the general public, offering the opportunity to compete in a total of 7 sports categories while enjoying a day filled with fun, good music, and delicious food.

Children's Sports Day

A full-day event filled with exercise, creativity, competitions, attractions, games, and other activities that encourage even the less active children to move and have fun.

Miss High School

The Miss High School project is an opportunity for all high school girls who want to gain new experiences and get a glimpse into the world of modeling. In the competition, the girls gain a general overview of the fashion world, improve their etiquette skills, and get to know new countries and their cultures.

Football Players for Kids

A unique charity tournament through which we, as organizers, highlighted the importance of supporting and helping non-profit organizations, such as the Children's Cardiac Center Foundation. The main idea behind the tournament was to support a good cause and financially contribute to the foundation's activities through sports.